All You Need to Know About Flea Medicine

19 Oct

Fleas are everywhere and they are tiny which makes them undetectable. If you own a dog, you might want to find out how you are going to protect the dog from flea bites. Flea prevention should be done every month and it might be difficult to choose the right one for your pet. There are several types of flea treatments that you need to know about. There are 4 types that are commonly used for flea treatment. First, topical flea treatments are the first type of medicine that you will find. These are great because they treat the fleas on the spot. Just one dosage will help get rid of the fleas for up to a month.

Pet-lock treatments are in such a way that they kill all the stages of the fleas. However, you need to be careful with these because if incorrectly applied, you will irritate the skin and eyes. Oral flea medicines are the other types of the flea treatments and these are usually in tablet form. These can be hidden inside the food of the pet while feeding them. Usually, there will be no threat to human beings with the oral flea medicines.  These tablets do not have a pungent smell but they kill adult fleas pretty quickly. Therefore, the larvae and the eggs of the fleas will still pose a threat.

There are also fleas and tick collars for dogs and cats but these are used alongside other forms of treatments. Once you put on the collar on the pet, there is formula that is going to kill the fleas and you do not have to chase the pet down just to apply medicine on the affected area. If your pet stays indoors all the time, this is the best flea medicine there is, learn more here!  

The fourth type is spray flea medicine. All you have to do is spray the pet on the affected area. If you are into eco-friendly products, then the sprays will work best for you. They are usually nice smelling and the effects will last at least 2 months after application. You must let the spray dry out for maximum effectiveness. Ensure that the one you pick out is waterproof so that even when the pet gets in touch with water, the medicine still remains effective. Ensure that the medicine you pick out has been designated for it and not another kind of pet. For more facts and info about Flea Medicine, visit

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